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What Type Of Truck Or Van Rental Do I Need?

When moving home, shifting furniture, equipment or large items, rental vans and hire trucks are an ideal solution.  Minibuses or large people movers and vans are perfect for sports teams, clubs, or family trips and group holidays.  If extra space is needed why not add an affordable trailer hire to the list, enabling additional storage space and a more flexible approach to the day’s activities.

With various options available from self-drive cargo vans, box body and drop side trucks, utes, minibuses, minivans and trailers, making the right choice best suited to individual needs can sometimes be daunting. For some quick insight into the types of truck and van rentals available for hire see below.

Furniture Truck Hire

There are many cases where you need to move furniture without necessarily needing the assistance of a full-blown removal service.  If you’re renting with a small amount of furniture, occupy a single room or are buying and selling individual pieces, it can be very cost efficient to simply hire a rental truck or a 

trailer and make the move yourself.  Hire trucks come in a range of sizes depending on your requirements, and most can be driven on a standard drivers license.

Box Body rental trucks are available in several handy sizes.  These sturdy rental trucks have a covered loading deck that ensures your items stay dry and contained, making them perfect for moving during wetter and colder seasons, as well as just to ensure your furniture doesn’t get damaged during transit. The box body can usually be loaded through a pair of double doors at the rear that make it easy to attach a ramp for trolley use.  The high sides and enclosed space of the box body mean items can be stacked up to the roof (when secured properly of course) maximising available space.

Drop Side rental trucks come complete with an open deck and offer a little bit more flexibility as to the shape and size of the objects you’re loading.  They are particularly useful if you need to clear out your back yard or move a range of different materials.  Available in a range of shapes and sizes, you can select just the right model for the job at hand.  Even though they aren’t covered in and you need to be mindful of the weather, they can be much easier to load and unload.

Minibus Hire

Need to move lots of kids, colleagues or team mates in an efficient cost effective way?  Minibus or minivan rental is the way to go.  With plenty of luggage space and lots of leg room, minibuses are easy to drive and will make your trip a comfortable and enjoyable one. 

Available in a variety of sizes with seating capabilities ranging from smaller 8 seater minivans right up to large 12 seater coach style minibuses, the choice is yours.  Depending on the size of your group, sometimes it is better to opt for the larger minibuses allowing for extra luggage storage, or if you are pressed for room, why not add a convenient luggage trailer rental. The all weather secure storage luggage trailers provide is suitable for a wide variety of purposes, including providing extra room for sports gear, bags and coats, and any other awkward items accompanying you on the trip.  

Commercial Ute Rental

With economical turbo diesel engines, ute rentals are great for moving building materials and trade gear, taking rubbish to the dump, general haulage such as gravel or garden material or any smaller loads of up to 1 ton.  

Ute rentals are often categorised in two kinds – Flatdeck ute rentals and Double Cab ute rentals.  Flatdeck ute rentals are ideal for moving almost anything as long as the load doesn’t overload the legal capacity of the vehicle.  As a bonus all flatdeck utes will usually come equipped with a tow bar, this comes in handy if you also need to hire a trailer to help get the job done.

Double cab ute rentals are popular as they usually come equipped with a secure canopy over the deck area.  Canopies are great for the tradesman or contractor with a job to do or for recreational purposes (a camping or fishing trip anyone?).  With economical diesel turbo engines and a tow bar this is also a good option when used in combination with larger tandem trailer rentals if you have a big job at hand.

Getting the right rental vehicle for the job means you will save money and most importantly your valuable time.  There is a wide range of truck and van hire options available with something to suit every situation.  Need help ensuring you get the right truck or van rental for the job? Give the friendly team at USAVE a call for a free quote or to book online today.   They are the New Zealand specialists for affordable van and truck hire in Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland and Palmerston North.

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