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NZ Van Hire – Why Take A Van On Holiday

Every summer, thousands of Kiwis pack up the car and head all across New Zealand to their favourite holiday destination. Whether it’s staying in a tent, bach or motel, everyone loves to get away for a while and enjoy a much needed change of pace. Consider these points before you embark on your next New Zealand holiday, and you may find that a minibus or van hire is worth it for you.

USAVE’s 10 Seater Minibus

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Minivan

If like most families, fitting everybody and all of their belongings in the car is a bit of a stretch, then hiring a minivan or minibus can be an affordable option. Some of the other benefits of hiring a minivan are:

  1. No Sacrifices. Minivans fit in a whole lot more gear. With a cavernous interior to fill with equipment, clothes, food and toys, you won’t need to make sacrifices on what to bring with you.

  2. More Legroom. Plenty of legroom for everyone means a more comfortable ride, keeping spirits up and preventing temper tantrums can be much easier!

  3. More Efficient Travel. Larger families, groups or friends or teams can travel together in one vehicle, a much more social experience and cheaper on fuel.

  4. Sharing Driving Duty. Passengers can rest or sleep in comfort and drivers can take turns, reducing fatigue.

  5. No Need For A Trailer. It saves taking a separate trailer, which can be cumbersome on winding roads and can make your journey longer.

How Much Does A Rental Van Cost In NZ?

In New Zealand van hire can vary depending on the size of the vehicle, the car rental company and length of hire.

Types Of Minibuses/Vans You Can Hire

  1. 8 Seaters. Standard size minivans with room for 8 adults and limited luggage space.

  2. 10 Seaters. A good choice for groups of ten or less and luggage.

  3. 12 Seaters. Larger style minibuses with a wider wheel base and room for 12 adults and bags.

  4. 14 Seater Plus. These are more of a minibus than a van, a much larger, heavier vehicle to drive.

  5. Cargo Vans. These have only the front seating, with room in the back for cargo and belongings.

Van Rental Costs

  1. 8 Seater vans cost around $80 per day

  2. 10 Seater vans cost around $100 per day

  3. 12 Seater vans cost around $130 per day

  4. 14 Seats plus cost around $180 per day

  5. And Cargo vans cost around $70 per day

What Kind Of Licence Do You Need To Drive A Rental Van?

All drivers must hold a current and valid full driver’s licence in order to be able to drive a rental van in NZ. This is the same as applies to renting or driving a car in NZ.

Any licence in a language other than English, must also have an appropriate English translation. It is recommended you ask your rental car company to confirm it is possible to use your overseas licence in New Zealand.

Is It Ok To Drive In New Zealand Having Never Driven Here Before?

Yes, as long as you have a valid driver’s licence you can drive in New Zealand. However you need to familiarise yourself with the New Zealand Road Code and make sure you are comfortable driving on the left hand side of the road.

Are Car Seats Required For Children?

In New Zealand all children aged 0-6 must be seated in an approved child restraint whenever they travel in a vehicle. Any child aged seven to eleven and under the height of 148 cm needs to be secured in an approved restraint if one is available.

Children’s car seats are usually available for hire from rental car companies. See here for more information regarding child car seat laws in New Zealand.

What To Take On Your Holiday

Using a New Zealand van rental for your Kiwi holiday is the perfect way to expand your luggage space while still enjoying an easy-to-drive, flexible vehicle. With a spacious interior along with roomy seating for all the family, hiring a van gives extra space for all involved – so the only question is; what do you fill it with? Here are some quick ideas:

  1. Water Sports Equipment. If you’re heading to a lake or beach, having room for extra equipment such as a kayak, dinghy, surfboard or inflatable toys means extra fun.

  2. Sports Gear. Bring your cricket set, volleyball net or the kid’s bikes if you have the space available.

  3. Portable Gas Stove. Even if you’re planning to stay in a cabin or holiday park, taking a compact cooker means you can have a delicious hot dinner or lunch away from your accommodation at any time.

  4. Extra Bedding. Being able to have thick foam mattresses, your favourite duvet and extra pillows will mean a better night’s sleep for everyone.

  5. The Dog. Of course, it’s essential to check beforehand that the place you are staying allows animals, but bringing along a furry companion saves on kennel money and creates extra fun for the kids.

  6. Additional Home Comforts. Consider bringing cutlery, fold-up chairs and tables, a chilli bin and small electrical appliances to make your stay that much more comfortable.

If you’re looking for a larger vehicle for your New Zealand holiday or road trip, USAVE have a great range of spacious and affordable van and minibus hire vehicles available from our handy Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Dunedin depots.

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