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User Guide

Thanks for hiring with u-save. This user guide has all the information you need to make renting a u-save van or truck easy. You’ll learn about important features like the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), how to fill up your vehicle correctly, and tips for safe driving and using equipment like truck tail lifts. It’s designed to help you have a straightforward and trouble-free rental experience.

truck + van customer user guide

What is DPF?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) helps remove carbon residue from the exhaust of diesel engines. When the DPF needs attention, an orange warning light will flash.

  • A slow flash means the DPF needs cleaning within 50 km.

  • A fast flash means the vehicle is about to go into “limp mode” and may need a technician.

To manually clean the DPF:
  1. Pull over safely in a non-flammable area.

  2. Make sure the transmission is in neutral and the handbrake is on.

  3. Press the DPF button. The light will stop flashing and stay on.

  4. The engine will idle higher for up to 20 minutes while cleaning.

  5. Do not turn off the engine or leave the vehicle.

Once the light turns green or goes out and the idle returns to normal, cleaning is complete.

If you keep driving without cleaning, the engine light will come on, and the vehicle will enter “limp mode,” reducing power and limiting RPMs to prevent damage.

Filling Your Truck or Van

When you fill up your hired vehicle, please remember to pull the fuel nozzle slightly out after the pump automatically shuts off. This ensures that the tank is filled completely. If the nozzle is left fully inserted, it may prematurely stop refueling, thinking the tank is already full.​

Trucks and van dimensions

Seats: 3
Vehicle Length: 4.5m
Load Capacity: 1415kg
Fuel Type: 91 petrol​

Seats: 3
Vehicle Length: 4.7m
Load Capacity: 1415kg
Fuel Type: 91 petrol

Seats: 3
Vehicle Length: 4.9m
Load Capacity: 1100kg
Fuel Type: Diesel

Seats: 3
Vehicle Length: 6m
Load Capacity: 1800kg
Fuel Type: Diesel

Seats: 3
Vehicle Length: 6.3m
Load Capacity: 2560kg
Fuel Type: Diesel

Trucks with Tail Lift

How to operate:

  • Ensure the engine is on while operating the tail lift.

  • Park the truck on a flat, stable surface and use the handbrake to stop it from moving.

  • Find and turn on the power switch for the tail lift. This switch is usually in the truck’s cab or at the back of the truck (Box Body).

  • Look at the control panel for the tail lift. It usually has 2 buttons: Up and Down.

  • Press the Unfold button to lower and extend the tail lift. Make sure it is flat on the ground.

  • Put your items securely on the tail lift. Make sure they are balanced and won’t slip.

  • Use the Up and Down buttons to raise or lower the tail lift to the right height for loading or unloading.

  • After you finish, press the Fold button to put the tail lift back into its storage position.

  • Turn off the power switch to ensure the tail lift is off.

Truck Tail Lift Max Load

The weight capacity of the truck’s tail lift is 500 kg.​

Diesel Exhaust Brake

When the diesel exhaust brake is on, you might notice smoother braking on downhill slopes or when carrying heavy loads. This helps in slowing down your truck without using just the regular brakes, which can make your ride safer and more controlled. If you see the indicator showing the exhaust brake is on, there’s no need to worry — it’s just helping your truck perform better. 

Remember, turn it on when you’re going down steep hills or when you need to control your speed without using the regular brakes too much. And turn it off when you need faster acceleration or higher speed, like on flat roads or when starting to drive.

Drive Safe
  • Always use a seat belt, both you and all occupants.

  • Respect the speed limits.

  • Take breaks between trips.

  • Do not drink and drive.

  • Do not use your mobile phone when driving.

  • Be aware of your surroundings when driving or backing up, especially when loading or unloading.

  • For more information, visit:

  • Remember to turn off the ignition and take the keys with you when loading and unloading. 

  • Leaving the keys in can cause the battery to run out. 

  • Make sure to turn off any interior lights in the truck box as they may drain the battery.

Additional Information

Subject to terms and conditions available on request or at

  • Any accident must be reported within twenty-four (24) hours and must be accompanied by a police report.

  • Should the hirer(s) fail to comply with any conditions of this contract, all losses and damages suffered by the owner arising out of such failure shall be borne by and paid for by the hirer(s).

  • Subject to the terms & conditions available on request or at, of which the hirer(s) acknowledges awareness, the hirer agrees to rent the above vehicle and elects to pay all amounts payable under this agreement by the method of payment details given on this document.

  • u-save Van & Truck Rentals reserves the right to pass on any unpaid costs associated with this rental to a debt collection agency. The hirer accepts full liability for collection costs incurred.

  • The hirer(s) accept responsibility for all traffic violations (including but not limited to vehicle offences, parking infringements, and/or any road tolls). If we receive a fine or infringement related to your rental, we will automatically deduct a $50 administration fee in addition to the cost of the infringement from your credit or debit card.

Hirer(s) Responsibility
  • Maintaining water and oil levels is the hirer(s)’ responsibility. If any vehicle malfunction or signs of overheating occur, you must stop the vehicle immediately, or you may be held liable, and the bond may be forfeited.

  • Vehicles are provided in a clean and tidy manner, with a full tank of fuel, and should be returned in a similar state. Otherwise, a cleaning fee ($200.00) and/or filling fee ($25.00) will apply as outlined in the terms and conditions.

  • Smoking in or near the vehicle is not permitted and will result in a smoking fee ($200.00).


All accidents must be reported to the local traffic/police department immediately and to our office within 24 hours. A police report is essential for all damage and loss involving vehicles, property, and persons, otherwise, the insurance is void.

Roadside Assistance

For 24/7 mechanical breakdown assistance, please call:
AA Road Service Helpline on 0800 734 543 /
International +64 9 966 8800
Additional charges may be incurred for roadside assistance due to driver error or damage.

Flat Tire

Please call the AA Road Service Helpline on 0800 734 543 /
International +64 9 966 8800
Additional charges may apply for roadside assistance due to driver error or damage.

View our Terms and Conditions for more details about our truck and van hire terms. Explore our full range of truck hire vehicles or give us a bell for some friendly advice from the u-save team.

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